General Rules for all classes


· All drivers should sign in and pay entry fee prior to practice

· All drivers should pre-tech their car before tech time with tech tool & block. (see Track Tech for help if needed, tech block and tech tool will be in the impound area BUT MUST STAY IN IMPOUND AREA)

· All cars should be in tech area before tech time (A half hour before Race)

· Only one chassis and one body may be raced in each race. No switching of chassis or body allowed during race

· All cars should remain in impound area except when you are on the track

· All drivers must be respectful to track officials, turn marshals and to each other at all times

· All drivers must serve as turn marshals while not racing, even if the driver wrecks out or breaks. Everyone deserves the same amount of marshals

· Race Director will have the final say in all decisions and in any case of dispute

· Please tape body pins to keep lose pins off the track

· Race Director may stop any race at any time and check cars for violation of any rule. Cars must be pulled and made legal as race continues.

· It is the intent of these rules to keep racing as equal as possible

  • · Please watch your language, race clean and have fun